Nothing Slips Through The Cracks

Picture this. You’re watching the latest episode of The Walking Dead. You’re totally immersed in the show—as with almost every episode, your heart is racing, and you feel every pang of anxiety and pain that the protagonist does.  You’re following them over every fence they jump—every corner they turn.

“HONEY!” your spouse yells from across the apartment,

“What did you say? …” the TV fades into the background.

“Pick up a container of dog food next time you’re at the market, will you? We’re fresh out.“


What do you do here? What’s your game plan? How will you prevent forgetting dog food next time you’re at the market? No dog wants to go hungry.

Forgetting the dog food in this case—not such a big deal after all, just swing back to the market, right?

But what if instead of your spouse, it’s a client, and instead of getting dog food, it’s a receipt, or even more serious, an additional revision of their logo? What if five clients all ask you to remember to do twenty different things in one day? What then?

A trusted system

From everything as small as dog food, to big as your client, you need a trusted system.

You need a trusted system to ensure you’ve got all the reminders you need in the right place, at the right time. You need a trusted system to ensure everything is accounted for.

Here at Next Right, we use a system called GTD, a system pioneered by David Allen that’s really good at holding everyone at Next Right accountable for what they’re responsible for. So nothing slips through the cracks.

How did I used to do it?

Personally, I don’t even remember how I kept track of everything I needed to do before I started using GTD. Now, everything just works—I never miss a to-do.

Accountability is super important in every industry, but especially for agencies. Every time your firm works with a new client, you have to reestablish your reputation, show you’re trustworthy all over again. Especially in the beginning.

GTD is an essential tool we use to stay accountable to our clients, to stay on top of our work, and deliver on-schedule. I don’t know how we would function without it!

Further reading on GTD:

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