Links of The Week 002

Branding The Women Running For President In 2020

This next election is shaping up to be a pretty unique run design-wise. Candidates across the democratic ticket are using colors like they’ve never been used before.

Use red, white, and blue. Don’t fuck around — we’re not ready for green!

The 2019 Small Agency Conference & Awards

The “small agency” is getting bigger by the year, and this conference highlights their fresh thinking and innovative world-views.

The Ad Age Small Agency Conference, now going into its 10th year, offers this all-too-often underserved community a place to share the ideas and strategies, pain points and joys that are unique to small agencies of all kinds — those that specialize in creative, media, events, PR, digital, data and more — within the U.S. and around the world.

The Illinois Artist Behind Social Media's Latest Big Idea

The story behind the upcoming removal of Instagram’s ‘like,’ and twitter’s ‘retweet’ counters.

I started realizing how obsessed I was feeling about those numbers, and wondering why was I having those feelings, and wondering, whom did those feelings benefit?

Newton Mail

This app sets the standard for email UI & UX. Our designers can’t go back to using any other mail client after using this one!

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