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Meridia Media Group was founded by a former Turner Broadcasting executive. They came to Next Right to focus and revitalize their brand.

During discovery, we immersed ourselves in the client's business. Meridia had found they were getting traction focusing on 10-second commercials. They had discovered the niche—our job was to capitalize on it. We focused our efforts on crafting a company story positioning Meridia as experts in :10's specifically.

The project's deliverables included all customer and client-facing visual identity, including new logo design, typography, website design, one-sheet templates, business cards, presentation templates, and email campaign templates. We also created a brand brief to guide the company's decision-making in current and future projects.

Logo Mark



We chose Lato Light for body copy, wherever it may appear.

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Meridia Media's website is its main selling platform, and was in dire need of an overhaul. Next Right worked closely with the president, and CEO to arrive at a solution that worked for everyone, and would be easily editable for future designers, or even non-designers.


Business Cards

Sell Sheets

Presentation Templates

Company Art

Email Campaign



ready, set sell!

Next Right continues to consult with Meridia Media Group when new marketing needs arise.

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